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David Beckham Buys Black McLaren 720S After New Inter Miami Deal

The British football celebrity who part owns football club Inter Miami and whiskey brand Haig Club has bought a stylish black McLaren 720S after he made a new Inter Miami partnership deal. Agreement to carry the brand ‘s items to the Miami Freedom Park soccer stadium during the 2020 season. Haig Club will also have exposure to physical and electronic marketing. For this season Haig Club is the official partner of David Beckham’s football club Inter Miami. The star who once played in different football clubs of the world now owns his own football club and is on the move to promote his football club.

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When David Beckham announced this new deal of his football club he stated: ‘Starting my own football club Inter Miami this year makes me feel proud and to have Haig Club be its partner is something really special for me. People are going to enjoy Haig Club in Miami and I can’t wait to see that.’

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With the announcement of this new deal came a surprise for the fans of David Beckham. The star bought a beautiful black McLaren 720S which clearly reflects his wealth and his fondness of buying Luxury cars. A good representation of this is the 720S. It’s a vehicle that offers the worlds’ brightest, a convertible supercar that is as entertaining as the Coupe. That means the same rush of nerve-tingling, available now with the roof down. This is a vehicle for anyone seeking potential, moving past tradition and finding the exceptional. The 720S is a supercar with a retractable roof full-throttle – all in one perfectly crafted car.

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The 720S output is a blend of two cars. It is blisteringly fast on the one hand. That’s amazing, with driver interaction. Based on McLaren’s ground-breaking Monocage II-S (which minimizes flex and torsion) it delivers outstanding input speeds. Slip it into Sport or Track mode and release the real strength of a car born out of a long Formula 1TM tradition. Next, on the other hand, use comfort mode, and transform the 720S. Its innovative hydraulic suspension creates a soothing and comfortable drive – perfectly tuned to drive through town or country every day. And if someone is out on his/her favorite track for a fast ride or testing boundaries, the 720S just delivers that.

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Power Maximized, sharp responses and improved efficiency, the twin-turbocharged McLaren 4.0 Litre V8 engine produces 720PS (also the reason why the car is named 720) and 770 Nm of torque. When you’re not going into depth, you can simply use the comfort mode. Or if you love the specifics, you may want to take a look at the open engine bay – showing off the powerhouse of the car with dramatic lighting. After all, it’s a shame to conceal it when an engine’s this amazing. The acceleration is also very great, its speed can increase from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds and the top speed equals 212 mph.

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David Beckham is clearly not shy from signing new deals and making substantial changes. He always chooses a subtle approach which always benefits him. His football club is still fresh and it would take time to grow. He has also expressed his feelings to have top football players in his club and he would be signing soon expensive footballers to play for his club. David Beckham had also mentioned that he would like the players with qualities of Lionel Messi in his club. Some years back David Beckham said that it was Lionel Messi who caused his retirement in 2013. It was a match between FC Barcelona and PSG of the UEFA Champions league and Messi dribbled past David Beckham making David look ridiculous after which David started to think of retirement and eventually, he retired.

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